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Program Requirement :

Doctoral Program

To be eligible for admission to the doctoral program, a student must:

Hold a master degree or its equivalent in a subject related to the proposed research topic;
Have both undergraduate and graduate grades significantly above average.

To be eligible for admission to the non-resident doctoral program, a candidate must, besides 1 and 2 above, have access to relevant academic facilities in the area of his/her residence; have been in active contact with professional practice for a minimum period of three years since the last degree; and have demonstrated a research capability through publications and/or other presentations.

Master and Diploma Programs

To be eligible for admission to the master or the diploma program, a candidate must:

Hold a bachelor degree (normally from a four-year program) or its equivalent in an appropriate field of study from an institution of recognized standing; Have undergraduate grades significantly above average.

Common Requirements :

All AIT programs are conducted in the English language, the Institute’s official medium of all communication. All applicants for AIT programs are thus expected to produce evidence of proficiency in English (preferably TOEFL, but alternatively GRE, ALIGU, or IELTS).

AIT’s Center for Language and Educational Technology (CLET) runs an eight-week pre-master course, Talkbase, for each of the three intakes in a year. Participants requiring this additional English language preparation must be able to start their study period at the Institute ten weeks or so before the beginning of their first term.

All candidates for entry to AIT must provide certificated evidence of good health.