Faculty & Staff


Kyoko Kusakabe, M. Sc. and Ph.D., AIT, Thailand.

Professor (Employment and Gender Policy and Planning).

Her areas of interest include women in aquaculture, cross-border trade, effects of market economies on women, strengthening gender initiatives in development projects, women and informal enterprises; gender relations and organization development, gender and development policy and planning. Email:kyoem(details)


Philippe Doneys, M. Sc., SOAS, University of London, England and Ph.D., Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris (SciencesPo), France.

Associate Professor, Program Chair

His courses include: New Technologies, Industrialization and Gender; Gender and Health; Gender Politics, Civil Society and Human Rights; Gender, Migration and Human Trafficking in Asia.
His areas of interest include development issues in Southeast Asia, the role of civil society including women’s groups, development and human rights organizations, HIV/AIDS, the role of technologies in gender and development, as well as transnational issues such as migration and trafficking, global activism and globalization. Email:   phem(details)

Joyee Chatterjee, M.A. and Ph.D. Communication, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA. (details).

Assistant Professor

Her courses include Gender, Culture and Human Development, Gender and Development Communication, and Gender and Global Health. Email: joyeec at ait period asia



Julaikha B. Hossain, M. Sc. and Ph.D., AIT, Thailand.

Affiliated Faculty and Senior Research Specialist.

Her areas of interest include Gender and Development with emphasis on the policies and programs for gender equality and women’s empowerment; Gender, Employment and Organization; Gender and ICT for Development; Gender and Human Rights; Gender and Violence; Community and Gender Responsive Development Planning; Gender and Natural Resource Management. Email:jbhossain@ait.ac.th    (details)


Donna Doane, M. A. Anthropology, M.A., M. Phil. Economics, and Ph.D. Economics, Yale University, USA

Adjunct Faculty.

Her areas of interest include Economic Development, Gender and Development, Informal economy, home based work, social protection, technology policies, indigenous knowledge and technology blending, analyses of prejudice and discrimination, conflict, ethnicity and gender. Email: donna@ait.ac.th

Agnes Pardilla

Program Officer

Room: E 204
Tel: 5668
Email: agnes@ait.ac.th

Ms. Parichart Khammeerak,

Research Assistant, WOTRO Project
Email : khammeerak@ait.asia
Tel: +662 524 5672
Room: W 255 (Serd Building)

Manraj Grewal

Managing Editor
Gender Technology and Development (Journal)
Email: manrajg@gmail.com